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The Process of Making Kilim Pillows

The Process of Making Kilim Pillows

About the Kilim Pillows : A Completely Handmade Cushion Cover Made from Old Technique of Making Hand Woven Kilims by Tribes of  Rural India.

Techique : Kilims Jute are produced by tightly interweaving the warp and weft strands of the weave to produce a flat surface with no pile. Kilims are generally woven with the slit weave technique. The slit refers to the gap left between two blocks of color. It is created by returning the weft around the last warp in a color area, and the weft of the adjacent color is later returned around the adjacent warp.Each piece is unique and made by hand on a loom, using threads of knitted or woven Jute.

Usage : These Wool – Jute Cushions make great house warming, holiday and birthday gifts; along with being the perfect home decor item for your very own home. The colors are very selected to form a beautiful theme based cushion, easy to clean and wash these Cushion are designed with perfection and woven with attention. This Cushion Cover are used for Decorative, Sofa Cushion, Throw Cushion, Lining Room, Bed Room, Hallway, Guestroom, Dining Room,Study, Office, Kids Playroom and many more…..

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Coloring Process

Weaving process of Kilims

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